Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sparc?

Sparc is a virtual sport, or vSport - a unique physical sport only possible in virtual reality, in which players compete in full-body VR gameplay and connect in an online community.

What is VR?

We believe that Virtual reality, or VR, is the future of interactive entertainment. VR offers the simulation of real or fictional environments using specialised wearable computer hardware to give users the illusion of being in another world. Core to the virtual reality experience is complete user immersion, including 360-degree visuals generated by a head-mounted display.

What is a vSport?

A vSport is a physical sport not possible in the real world – a unique full-body experience that can only be delivered through virtual reality, with a well-defined rule-set and physicality as found in real-world sports. In Sparc, your VR hardware is your sporting equipment. We’ve designed Sparc so that players can express and improve their skill through their physical actions so when you play, it’s really you - not a fictional character in a fictional world.

How can I play Sparc?

In order to play Sparc on your PS4, you will need a PlayStation VR headset and a pair of PlayStation Move controllers.

How can I get Sparc?

Sparc is available to download from the PlayStation Store. There are currently no plans for physical distribution.

How many gigabytes is the Sparc download?

The launch build is a 2.5GB download. You’ll need at least 8GB free on your hard drive to install the client.

Will there be patches and updates?

Yes – CCP is committed to update Sparc post-launch with new features, events and content.

Will there be DLC?

We have no information to share about updates for Sparc at this time. Rest assured if and when we do, we’ll be sure to announce it on this website.

Are there any micro-transactions in Sparc?

We have no plans for in-game micro-transactions at launch.

I have a technical issue, and I think it’s related to my VR setup – where do I go?

For PS VR support, please visit Sony's PlayStation customer support portal.

How do I contact customer support?

Should you have any problems arise that we can assist with, please visit customer support portal here or contact us via Please contact us using the email address associated with your Sparc account.

Will Sparc use peer-to-peer or dedicated servers for online matches?

Online Sparc matches will be using dedicated servers.

Does Sparc require motion controllers, or can I play with a gamepad?

A pair of motion controllers/PS Move controllers are required to play Sparc. This is by design, so that the player’s throwing and blocking motions are reproduced one-to-one in game. This is not possible on a gamepad.

Can I play Sparc while sitting down?

Sparc is a standing VR game, designed so that it can be played in the specified standing area.

Will there be more modes added in the future?

At the moment, we’re focused on the core 1 v 1 aspect. The most common mode the community want is doubles and this could be possible in a future content patch.

Does Sparc support more than 2 players on one machine?

In Sparc, players compete via online multiplayer with friends or through matchmaking. Local multiplayer using one PC or PS4 is not supported.

Can you play matches against bots in Sparc?

We’re focusing Sparc’s single-player experience on training and challenges right now, so as to best prepare players for when they compete against a fellow human opponent.

What is the status of Sparc’s development on PC? Is it still coming?

Sparc is coming first to PlayStation VR. We will be talking about Sparc on PC later this year.

Does Sparc feature any improvements for PS4 Pro?

Sparc delivers a unified experience across PS4 and PS4 Pro; PS4 Pro owners will not have a gameplay advantage over PS4 owners, however they will benefit from a slight increase in visual fidelity.

What languages is Sparc available in?

Sparc is localised into English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish

What single-player content is in the game?

Beyond the game’s 1 vs 1 core gameplay, Sparc includes a number of challenges for players to engage in on their own, all designed to improve their skill against real, human opponents. An analogy would be batting cages for baseball or automatic ball launchers for tennis.

Can I customise how my avatar looks in the game?

Sparc includes a range of options from which players can choose to customise their avatar. We think that in-game avatar customisation options are especially rewarding in virtual reality, where changing your appearance and seeing it respond to your body’s movements in real-time amplifies its impact and wow-factor.

How many different game modes are there and what are they?

Sparc features two main competitive game modes – what we’re currently calling Basic and Advanced. Sparc is a vSport, so both modes feature the same base gameplay and rule-set, with a few alterations to enable players to compete either with or without assistance.

How many courts are in the game and what’s the difference between them?

There are 2 courts; Regulation and Experimental. The regulation court is your default court where matches will be played on, experimental is a court where we test different ideas.

Does Sparc have a spectator mode? If so, am I able to line up for the next match?

Sparc features Courtside, a freeform social area for spectating in VR where you can watch matches in-person and queue for the next match. Think of this similarly to meeting your friends at a tennis court and watching another game taking place, or when we used to queue up to take on the local Street Fighter champ at the arcade.

Does Sparc offer Lobby-friendly features for online tournaments?

We love the idea of providing players with the ability to organise Sparc tournaments online. This is something we’re still discussing and hope to have more info to share later this year